12th Mobile Exhibition November 10-14 2014 in Irkutsk/Bratsk/Ust-Ilimsk.

According to our clients wishes Avec will arrange the next Mobile Exhibition in Irkutsk/Bratsk/Ust Ilimsk duringweek 46, November 10-14 this year.
Limited number of places for participation.


Projects & Consulting







Examples of performed assignments and projects in Russia

   2013                        10th Mobile Exhibition in Krasnojarsk.

   2013                        Market research and market study for ÅLÖ(world leading producer of front
                                    loaders for agri cultural sector)

   2013                        9th Mobile Exhibition in Omsk

   2012                        8th Mobile Exhibition in Ekaterinburg

   2012                        7th Mobile Exhibition in Perm

   2011                        Long range of energy projects financed by NEFCO in Karelia

   2011                        Market research regarding logistics and import regulations for Olofsfors AB

   2011                        6th Mobile Exhibition in Vologda

   2010                        First energy efficiency project financed by NEFCO

   2010                        5th Mobile Exhibition in Arkhangelsk

   2010                        Market research in northwest Russia bioenergy sector for Skellefteå Kraft AB

   2009                        4th Mobile Exhibition in Komi

   2009                        Barents-cooperation during Västerbotten chairmanship Exhibitions, match
                                   making, business trips, consulting, seminars etc In total 150 Swedish
                                   companies within forest technology, sawmilling and pulp and paper have

   2009                        3rd Mobile Exhibition in Leningrad and southern Karelia

   2009                        Forestry, Climate and Environmental Karelia/Barents Region

   2008                        Market research in northwest Russia forestry sector for Volvo Vostok

   2007                        2nd Mobile Exhibition in Karelia

   2006 - 2007             FSC-certification Karelia

   2006                        1st Mobile Exhibition took place in Karelia

   2005 - 2006              Forest and wood education Kostamuksha

   2004 - 2006              Leasing and financing (IFC/WorldBank, Nutek, Finpro)

   2003 - 2004              FORED Northwest Russia

   2002 - 2003              Pulp and Paper

   2001 - 2002              Promotion of CTL( cut to length) technology

   1998 - 2000              Forest and wood technology towards Northwest Russia









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