12th Mobile Exhibition November 10-14 2014 in Irkutsk/Bratsk/Ust-Ilimsk.

According to our clients wishes Avec will arrange the next Mobile Exhibition in Irkutsk/Bratsk/Ust Ilimsk duringweek 46, November 10-14 this year.
Limited number of places for participation.


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Through our subsidiary Avec Konsult KB we are trading with different sorts of coniferous wood to our buyers in Scandinavia. We have chosen to focus on certain dimensions and qualities. We are working mainly both low quality material for producing loading pallets.

As partner and co-owner in our subsidiary we have NK Lundströms Trävaror AB.

A well-known and respected family owned sawmill and planing mill situated just outside Umeå.

Through their General Director Peter Lundström who is working actively in our timber trade we can guarantee professionally chosen suppliers as well as high quality and standard of the timber selected according to Scandinavian grading rules.








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